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The Dog Books - Eight Tails in Noir

The stories ask questions important to canines and, on occasion, to humans as well, such as: What is the price of unconditional love? Do good things come to those who wait? Does life on the street crush self-esteem? Why must crime be so distasteful? Why can't he see the truth? Should I settle?

Murder in the Script

Romance novelist Alyson is looking for a spark to invigorate her life and her writing. She brings along Robert and Marcel when she agrees to rewrite a movie script at Titanic Studios. But writing isn't her biggest challenge after she develops a relationship with the studio fixer and aspiring actress, Hannelore. Is the affection genuine or is Alyson a pawn in a larger game. Fortunately, Robert finds the truth.

Remember the Future: Seven Mysteries along an English Canal

The wisdom of the past has a way of finding us when we aren't looking for it. It can help heal old emotional wounds. It can help us understand what's important. Sometimes it can even improve our diet. But you probably won't know this until you get lost in a cave.