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Murder in the Script

Alyson Colton writes best-selling romance novels from the solitude of her San Francisco apartment. But her books are getting formulaic. As is her relationship with Gary. She wants a spark and jumps on the offer to redo the script of a failing movie project at Titanic Studios, the infamous Factory of Make Believe in Hollywood.


The assignment proves more difficult than she bargained for: the jealous director and previous screenwriter; the egotistical actors; the all-powerful studio head with his coat of arms woven into his office carpet. Matters get worse when she discovers a secret webcam in her bungalow. Coming to her aid are The Order, four part-time actors and full-time Mesolithic aficionados, and Chuck, her geeky cousin from Silicon Valley. If only she could get them to stop.


Alyson's real support comes from her devoted dog, Robert — the French pronunciation, s'il vous plait — an erudite toy poodle with a nose for detection and a commitment to justice, and his close friend, the standard poodle Marcel. But Alyson has a growing attraction to Hannelore Lofquist, Titanic's production fixer and aspiring actress with Nordic SIs. Is this what she's been looking for? Or is Hannelore manipulating Alyson to rewrite the script in her favor?


The dogs keep themselves busy investigating several poisonings while Alyson's relationship with Hannelore deepens. But their job gets serious when they must rescue her from the Phantom within the secret tunnels beneath the Back Lot. Was it a crime or just a publicity stunt? Or does it matter? Ne cachez pas la vérité à un caniche!