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Remember the Future: Seven Mysteries along an English Canal

Outreach by a band of Mesolithic hunter-gatherers with an appreciation for fine cuisine in welcoming a group of Neolithic settlers to the valley has tragic consequences, despite Arantxa's efforts to introduce a local spice palette to the farmers' boring diet. 


But the past is only prologue when an American actor and his wife, a best-selling writer, arrive in England to film a travelogue on the pastoral joys of canal boating. Rusty, known for his distinguished profile and hoping to reinvent his image after being typecast by his popular commercial for an ED medication, has trouble distinguishing historic fact from ridiculous fiction. Abby, bored with writing for trade, is looking for inspiration worthy of the Enduring Works shelves.


Instead of an idyllic cruise, they encounter murder; a shady developer; a dirty cop; a couple from Texas with an overpowered narrowboat; stolen cash; Rusty's old friend Bob, a philandering geotechnical engineer; a stunning young archaeologist and her spelunking partner, Derek, notable for his handsome feet; and The Order — four beer-guzzling Stone Age enthusiasts with a cryptic mission to protect The Grove, the site of Arantxa's alfresco restaurant.


Barry Oliver, the Order's leader, sidelines as Falstaff in regional theatre when he isn't composing rituals. Or when he isn't covertly searching the developer's office for proof of The Order's customary right to the Grove.  Or when Rusty and the rest of The Order come to his rescue at the Grove.


While Rusty can't escape his profile, Abby's startling archaeological discovery during a cave rescue gives her the solution to our cultural divide: Transcendence — with an opportunity to experience it in a customized virtual reality story of your life at Futures, ™ coming soon to a shopping mall near you.