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Art writes cozy mysteries with quirky plots and humorous, urbane dialogue. He admires Kurt Vonnegut's imagination and Elmore Leonard's advice for aspiring writers. Several of his projects are in the 'dog noir' genre that will be appreciated only by readers looking for quirky, humorous and urbane cozy mysteries. (Don't worry; the dogs aren't 'cute'. They only narrate or speak among themselves.) If you are one of the nation's 43 million dog owners, you'll get it. He also weaves in some geology and archaeology, hoping the odd reference will inspire a reader to check Wikipedia for more information.


Art was a San Francisco-based manager of hazardous and radiologic waste remediation studies before taking up the challenges of creative writing. He has a long interest in classic British mysteries and degrees in geology and anthropology. While Northern California is his favorite place, he now resides in Northern Virginia, having exchanged the ongoing threat of wild land fire, community-wide evacuation and the pleasure of cycling amid the vineyards of Sonoma County for the security of heat, humidity, traffic congestion and the occasional visit to the Smithsonian.